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Bookkeeping keeps business on time! We do bookkeeping for small business.

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Spend time going over your returns with a CPA/tax preparer....have your questions answered to minimize your taxes or maximize your profits!  Includes a 50 minute conference.  Call for an appointment.  Including account set up and scheduling, office supplies, other expenses...this is a $275 value!

Bookkeeping helps you keep due dates current!

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About Us

Is your business in the "red" or "black"?


Well regardless if you have a color printer or not, you know what we mean.  We know you want to be profitable and yet pay the least amount of taxes you can legally.

Bookkeeping channels the information into reports which don't belong just being filed in a drawer!  They tell a story about struggles, successes and failures...all are important to understand and see before it is too late!

So when you get the reports....


Do you know how to read them?  If not, do you have a trusted adviser to call?  Let's sit down and let us explain the lessons from the "school of hard knocks" that your enrolled in!

We might not be able to make it "easy", but when you know what it is showing can make the hard decisions that can save you...

It's "safe" to deal with us!


We don't ship your information overseas to cut our costs while exposing your information to ID theft, etc.  That's right, some firms take your bookkeeping and send it to places unknown for cheap labor.  

We use local talent to provide you with services you can understand and appreciate.  More costly?  Not in the long run!